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No app downloads left behind.

If you have a growing app business, I can help you speed up its growth by leveraging the power of App Marketing, App Monitization and App Store Optimization (ASO).

– How would you like to design & build an app optimised for user experience, monitization and downloads?

– How would you like the ability to reach the far corners of the app store & get directly in front of your perfect customer?

– How would you like to maximise your app retention, app downloads and revenue?

Thanks to the power of app store marketing and other PRO techniques we can do that and much much more. Contact me today to discuss.

Consulting Services

– App Design & Development
– App Launch Strategies
– App Marketing & Downloads
– App Localisation
– App Monitization, Ads & IAPs
– Advanced App Business & Strategy

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Client Testimonials and Comments

“I’m watching your Chartboost course videos and implementing the lessons…and I’ve already increased my CB income by $6.30 today! Holy smokes, you’re GOOD! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

“Elaine Heney is truly a gaming mogul who has learned from the ground up how to create top selling games.”

“Elaine Heney is a successful Indie App Developer with over 200+ apps published. She taught herself and learned from the school of hard knocks . Her mission is to help others become successful App Developers. She is so knowledgeable, funny, and shares secrets most won’t want you to know. If you want to succeed and are a beginner, this gangster woman is the key to your success. Highly highly recommended.”
Jane V.

“Elaine is a mastermind when it comes to the technical aspect of developing apps.”

“Elaine has enormous experience and success in app development and is very highly thought of in the industry.”
Nikki Osborne

“Elaine Heney guides you through with ease and simplicity.”

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