The BEST way to start your journey as an app developer.

If you are looking to start out in the scary seeming but exciting world of developing apps, this is the best possible way you can do that. Elaine has enormous experience and success in app development and is very highly thought of in the industry. In addition she is an excellent teacher. This course takes you by the hand, step by step through all the important aspects of producing your first app with the best chance of succeeding, without making expensive mistakes figuring things out on your own! Highly recommend this course to all app newbies! ~ Nikki Osborne

Really Good Course

I really like how it takes you through all of the steps of getting your first app on the store. Its fantastic and really breaks the system down step by step. ~ Levi

Great Source for Every Appreneur!

When you think of bootcamp, you think it will be difficult and perhaps an unbearable process to acquire the knowledge you need to move forward. Not so with this course! It is a great source to learn from that is easy and fast to get started and create a successful business. Being an educator in technology, I can assure you this course is one that will allow you to extend your business venture! A+! ~ GloryVee C.


A holistic view of the entire app publishing process!

This training provides a beginner with the tools and information to get off to a great start as an app publisher. It provides the right amount of detail that includes the practical aspects of getting up and working with Apple as well as tips and information on managing and running an effective business that can succeed in this area. Fantastic! ~ Mary Kennedy

Elaine Heney’s course uncovers the secrets to making your App Game a success!

Elaine Heney is a successful Indie App Developer with over 120 games published. She taught herself and learned from the school of hard knocks . Her mission is to help others become successful App Developers. She is so knowledgeable, funny, and shares secrets most won’t want you to know. If you want to succeed and are a beginner, this gangster woman is the key to your success. Highly highly recommended. ~ Jane V.

This is a must take course if you want to do game development!

Elaine Heney is truly a gaming mogul who has learned from the ground up how to create top selling games. This course is easy to follow, informative and truly gets you off on the right foot so that you avoid so many of the common rookie pitfalls beginners make. This course will save you money as a result because of the tips and tricks she shares. I have made a few games that haven’t had a lot of success. I’m so GLAD I took this course because I can see now where I went wrong and what I need to do moving forward to get better results. This course really is a gold mine of info. ~ Adrienne H.

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You need this course!

Speed of implementation is KEY to building a successful app business. SO, even if you have good developers there are lots of times when you need to be able to handle things yourself to get things done. The info. in this course has been a game-changer for me.

This course teaches you the basics of how to do this in a straightforward no-fluff manner. It also teaches you how NOT to get fleeced by developers for hours of time on things that really only take 15 minutes. ~ Markus

Superb course, highly recommeded

Excellent course and worth every penny. Has saved me endless hours and dollars teaching me how to do a basic reskin myself without the need for a programmer. This course is a must have. ~ Ayumi

Learn to reskin xcode in Iphone, Revmob/Chartboost Integration and More

Elaine takes you step by step teaching you how to:

1. Replace images and sounds to reskin an app.
2. Upload reskinned game to Itunes store.
3. Integrate Revmob and Chartboost SDK/Campaigns into you games with detailed written instructions.

Elaine obviously went through a lot to learn how to do this, trial and error, etc. and she is passing this info along! This course will save you tons of money as you will not have to rely on developers doing all of the above work. All you have to pay for in your skinnable app code is to get new graphics! You can then do the rest. Amazing course! Loved it! ~ Bill B.

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Chartboost can be confusing sometimes, but Elaine Heney guides you through with ease and simplicity, easy to understand instructions. Once you know how to do this, it is an excellent skill that will save you dev costs. I highly recommend it! Look into her other courses and check out her blog www.chocolatelabapps.com ~ ILyse

A Mastermind

Elaine is a mastermind when it comes to the technical aspect of developing apps. I really appreciated how she broke Chartboost down bit by bit to really maximize the potential of monetization in the app. I recommend this course as I had been searching awhile for someone to help me fully reach my revenue potential from this ad company. ~ Levi

Awesome class!

There’s a lot of hidden treasures in Chartboost and this class will surely help you understand better the whole Chartboost thing as long as increase your revenue. This is a MUST take class for all app developers! ~ Mario


Great step-by-step advice

You’re never too experienced or too old to learn new things…Elaine has practical advice, delivered in a humorous and friendly way, to hire a great assistant on oDesk. I would think the advice holds true for other disciplines. Good downloads and step by step instructions on how to do it. Will save me doing it wrong a few times!! Best Outsourcing Course for App Business Anywhere! ~ Richard S.

The Millionaires and Billionaires do exactly as Elaine Heney instructs in her Udemy course, Get a VA, Outsource your App Business and GET A LIFE!

You have two choices. Work yourself into the grave because you think you are the only one that can do it right, OR Get a Life, find talent for cheap, teach someone what you do and build an app empire! Elaine Heney gives you a thorough ‘How To” course with zero questions left over. Follow it and you will grow your app business. Logic, step by step action plans, where to go and how to do it are all at your fingertips in this bar none best outsourcing course available ANYWHERE. ~ Jane V.

The Ultimate Outsource Course

This course is so beautifully presented and organised, it answers every question you’ll ever have about hiring a VA to help with your app business. The videos are short and easy-to-digest. Highly recommended course. ~ Phill